Warped Comic Kickstarter

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Warped is an all ages comic strip about a doomed spaceman and his robot sidekick. 

Our hapless hero explores strange new worlds, has troubles with transporters, fun with flags, and encounters a variety of alien creatures. In the course of these mini episodes our spaceman hero dies in almost every single strip. Hence the name Warped – both for its sci-fi connotations and its allusions to a sense of humour. 

I am putting together a printed comic book collection of the first season of Warped Comics. It will be 32 pages, softcover, 260x170mm, in full colour. It will be printed on lovely recycled natural paper which will give the comic a vintage off-white finish which I’m very excited about.

Warped is a spin-off from my Jack Astro Comic. It’s a completely stand-alone comic strip so no prior knowledge of Jack Astro is necessary but it does broaden the canon if you’re familiar with the original story. There is an idea in that book where an infinite number of Jack’s are sent to an infinite number of galaxies in splinter dimensions via the aptly named, Infinity Drive. Warped explores what happened to all of these alternate Jack’s. 

I will be printing some extra stock of this book to take to comic conventions, but the kickstarter will be the best price so backers who help make it happen also get the best possible value. 

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Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival 2021

I just got back from exhibiting at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival.

The last few months has been a wild ride, first with the Kickstarter. And then building up to the weekend at Thought Bubble.

It was such a joy to be able to talk to people about my work and show them the Jack Astro Comic Book in person.

A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the table and either chatted with me or listened patiently to my pitch for the book. The response was really great and I’m still on a bit of a high having such a positive reaction from people both for my artwork and also the general concept.

I made this comic for myself really. Or to be more accurate for my 12 year old self. I would have been a massive fan of this comic if someone else had created it. It was especially exciting seeing youngsters around that age and a bit older looking so thoroughly psyched about the book.

The show was run amazingly well and all the precautions in place for Covid made for a great and safe show. Thought Bubble really cares about the artists and comic creators and there was SO much incredible talent on display. I wish I had more time to hunt around. I know I missed out on meeting and buying stuff from a few of my favourite creators.

Thought Bubble 2021 Haul Photo
Customary Thought Bubble Haul Photo – Wish I could’ve got more!

Since the weekend ended I’ve been totally fueled with inspiration to get working on my next projects. I’ve got a few exciting things in the works including a spin-off version of Jack Astro for a kids magazine. And a new long form project that will be a bit more in the fantasy genre. A middle-ages setting, knights, dragons and my usual injection of weirdness and silliness.

I will definitely be hoping to attend next year’s show and hopefully one or two others throughout 2022.