Book Making – Proof Copy

Seeing this book on the shelf next to other comics in my collection is so surreal.

It made the whole thing suddenly feel much more real, and legitimate. Of course seeing it on other people’s shelves will be a much more satisfying moment!

I spent a lovely evening having a read through of the comic. Noting down pages that needed tweaking, but generally just enjoying the reading experience. My wife was rolling her eyes as I sat laughing at my own jokes in the comic. 

Each of these post it’s represents a page that needs some sort of fix.

I spent another few evenings tweaking the files, and now I’m just waiting on the printers to deliver the final digital proofs before we go to full print run.

One thing I found in the book was a complete happy accident.

Look at how this turret gun appears to be shooting out of one panel, and into the panel on the opposite page. I drew these SO long ago, I’m going to claim that it was all carefully planned, but I honestly think that was a bit of luck.

I also had to practice signing and sketching in the book.

I’ve decided on a good signing pen, an acrylic paint pen. I see people using Sharpie’s a lot but I think if I used one of those I’d be high as a kite on fumes after a dozen books. 

Every copy for the kickstarter will be signed, so the REALLY valuable ones will probably be a rare un-signed copy!

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