My Phone Hates Me

My Phone Hates Me
That sounds extreme. Ok, maybe my phone doesn’t hate me.

But it is messing with me.

The real life version of this is even sadder than pictured. Since my wife introduced me to sleep masks, I cannot sleep without one. Now when I wake up I nudge it up onto my forehead which I’m sure looks ridiculous. I look at the phone, and it of course cannot recognise me with the mask up there. When I realise that and remove the mask, it still doesn’t recognise me and I’m left with the same basic conclusion as above.

I must look so terrible first thing in the morning that I’m literally unrecognisable to this marvelous pocket super computer that rules my life.

I want to hate it back. But I need it. I’m not entirely sure why. I think if I expunged it from my life I may be happier. But that’s clearly never going to happen.

I must make peace with the blasted machine.

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