The World Of Edena – Down the Rabbit Hole

After reading The Incal, I knew I needed to continue down the rabbit hole and read some more of Moebius’s work. After a short search around of what was readily available with an English translation, I found The World Of Edena.

Unlike The Incal this time Moebius takes on both writing and drawing in this book. I was curious whether the story-telling would be on par, or if it would suffer. I was very impressed with the Incal, so when I say that I preferred The World Of Edena, it is not something I say lightly.

Jean Giraud (Moebius) was a ludicrously talented individual. The fact that this whole book was created by one person amazes me. 

I do not often take the time to copy artists whom I admire but I felt so impressed with Moebius that I definitely would like to absorb some of his style. 

I had a go at copying a few panels that I liked and I definitely learned a lot by doing this. I can still feel the influence of this practice seeping into my comics work today. If you’ve never tried a master copy, I’d highly recommend trying it to level up your artistic skills. It makes you really think about the artist’s decisions and how they might have been thinking whilst creating a particular panel.