Timelapse Drawing A Comic Page

A glimpse into my process of making Warped using ArtRage software. I’ve developed a pretty good workflow over the years, although I’m constantly tweaking and changing things up to find the optimal working methods. 

On this comic, every strip was sketched out on paper first. Sometimes on a few different sheets if the layout needed tweaking but quite often it was pretty stream-of-conscious flow and the artwork came out pretty close to what I had in my head. I managed to record both the inking and coluring pass for this page so I’ve condensed it down to 27 minutes of sped up footage. Granted none but the superest of fan will be interested in this, but sometimes it’s quite mesmerising watching people draw.

The Kickstarter is so close to the first stretch-goal now! I’ve started making the bookmarks since I’m not going to hold back on that for the sake of £4 off the target. So unofficially every backer is getting a handmade bookmark with their book. Next goal announcement coming soon hopefully!