Final Physical Manifestation

Final Physical Manifestation

Eleven days to go in the Jack Astro Kickstarter and his final physical manifestation is already assured. We are at 340% funded.

If you want to grab yourself a copy of the hardback comic book go HERE.

It was fun coming back to the characters for this silly little promo comic. But I’ve also been working on a side project involving Jack Astro. I’ll be revealing more info on that as soon as I can.

I’m planning on posting a lot more comics to my blog and also my newsletter which you can sign up for at the top right of my website.

I thought I’d share some process from the above comic page. Below are my thumbnails. I scribbled these out in pen on some old animation paper I have lying around. I have boxes and boxes of this paper, so most of my loose sheet scribbles – as well as shopping lists and work notes – end up on this type of paper.

I was trying to keep this very loose and spontaneous. And you can see that I matched the thumbnails pretty closely in the final artwork. I think it retains an energy that feels fun.

Comic Thumbnails

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